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The African Photojournalism Database is a directory of emerging and professional African news photographers, photojournalists and documentary photographers reporting on cultural, economic, environmental, political and social issues on the continent, as well as sports, nature, and stories of everyday life. There are over 400 photographers currently listed on the database, including over 180 professional photographers. 

From the series 'Holy Month' by Gulshan Khan
From the series ‘Holy Month’ by African Photojournalism Database member Gulshan Khan

The African Photojournalism Database is a joint project of the World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa, launched in August 2016 (see announcement). It was created to help photographers and visual journalists better connect to the international media economy. It also helps international media better understand the issues and projects that you as African visual journalists consider important and have covered. In addition the database allows the World Press Photo Foundation to connect with photojournalists in Africa, and enables Everyday Africa to seek new contributors.

Membership has various benefits:

  • Wider exposure via the World Press Photo Foundation’s and Everyday Africa’s social platforms, including Instagram takeovers
  • Features on the Four to Follow series on Witness, World Press Photo’s online magazine
  • Professional opportunities through the project’s partnership with Blink
  • Connect with fellow storytellers from across the continent
  • Receive a regular newsletter with useful resources, grant opportunities, news, and events
From the series ‘Somaliland Election’ by African Photojournalism Database member Mustafa Saeed

To be considered for membership you must meet three mandatory criteria:

  • You are a national of one of the 55 African countries
  • You report on either cultural, economic, environmental, political and social issues; sports or nature        stories; or the photography of daily life
  • You have a working website, Instagram or Facebook page with some recent work

If you meet the criteria you will be invited to create a profile on the public database which is on Blink, a real-time location platform connecting freelancers to media companies that want to tell stories.

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Please note, new submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis. We will only contact you if your membership application has been successful.

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